Procedure for the approval of emergency flights

Greece’s lock-down restrictions apply also in GA flights
April 9, 2020
24/7 COVID-19 Transportation Demands
April 9, 2020

Due to the global coronavirus pandemic crisis, the procedure to be followed for the approval of emergency flights to/from Greek Airports (repatriation, hospital/ambulance, crew rest, refueling / technical flights, etc) is as follows:

1. Applicant concerned (Airlines and their Agents) when:

a) These are return flights, they will apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at (tel. 210 3681730) and the General Secretariat for Civil Protection at tarazonas_dimitris @
b) For any other kind of flight, they should make a request to the General Secretariat for Civil Protection at (tel. 6974890620 and 2131510100)

2. Once the relevant authorization has been obtained, the interested parties will submit their request together with the authorization to the OFE (Alert & Vigilance Team) for authorization of the CAA flight. Employees who are on shift will contact the CAA Governor Mr. Dritsakos at 6944306372 and 6984616489 and, after consultation, will either grant approval or reject the request.

3. The approval shall be sent to the applicant concerned electronically and notified to the following addresses.
– Corresponding airport
– KEN / ATHM (
– KENA (
– D / CAA (
– Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications Mr. Tambakides (