24/7 COVID-19 Transportation Demands

Greece’s lock-down restrictions apply also in GA flights
April 9, 2020
COVID-19 approved airplanes are available in Athens
June 11, 2020

The COVID-19 virus continues spreading all over the world, getting sick more and more people, and unfortunately, it does not look to turn over. The demand for air ambulance transportation is hitting the records. Air Business International Team is 24/7 on charge and doing the best to provide our services to the people in need of medical transportation. We are closely collaborating with our trusted air ambulance operators in Greece, Germany, Austria, Italy, Israel, and other counties. There are also a lot of upcoming restrictions for medical transportation.

Medical transportation of coronavirus patients

One of our trusted partners has announced the purchase of a portable medical isolation unit manufactured in Norway by EpiGuard AS, known as the EpiShuttle, and they are now ready to start transporting patients infected with COVID-19.  There is also a dedicated team of 4 ICU Flight Doctors and 8 Flight Paramedics, now trained in accordance with the ECDC European Center for Disease Control Technical Directive, and the company can offer transportation of patients with the confirmed 2019-nCoV infection on a case by case basis … positive case contacts will also be transported’.”

Limitations placed on patient transports include:

The Health Authority Infectious Disease Notification processes relevant to all jurisdictions have been followed and approved prior to the mission

Receiving care has been confirmed and the receiving hospital is fully informed and willing to accept the patient.
The involved ground ambulance services are briefed accordingly and accept the patient.
The patient and/or relevant family member/legal guardian gives consent to being transported in a PMIU after full disclosure of the risks and limitations involved.
The transport is not in breach of aviation restrictions in place and subject to amendment from time to time as promulgated by international agencies eg: WHO/CDC/National authorities and aviation agencies.

Furthermore, the following numerous requests from clients can now commence repatriations of unaffected, healthy adults and children who are in a location considered to be at high risk of transmission back to their home country, on behalf of governments, international agencies, and private clients.

Our leading Air Ambulance Specialists and Special Mission Operators are working around the clock to help evacuate those in need following unprecedented demand from the spread of coronavirus. This includes both medical evacuations of infected patients and repatriation flights of unaffected healthy individuals from all corners of the globe.

The biggest challenge remains scheduling given entry restrictions now in place in many countries around the world many of which are not allowing entry for crew rest and pre-positioning.