Helicopter Emergency Service (HEMS)

Our mission is to provide worldwide helicopter emergency services

that are unsurpassed in safety and customersatisfaction.

We are a team dedicated to continuous improvement in an environment that promotes trust, personal growth and mutual respect.


The elements of excellence.

A checklist for choosing helicopter support for your EMS program:

  • Experience
  • Safety
  • Versatility
  • Training
  • Maintenance expertise
  • Customer Service
  • Cost effectiveness

Superior helicopter support enhances the performance of your EMS team, improves patient care, and increases overall productivity.

ABI Aeromedical Services provide superior support for many of the nation’s leading health care organizations.

It is based on qualities that we and our customers agree are essential to a successful air medical program. These qualities are the Elements of Excellence in helicopter support.

Through business alliances, we offer a full menu of program components from which to choose:

  • Helicopters
  • Medically equipped fixed-wing ….aircraft
  • Ground ambulances
  • Pilots
  • Mechanics
  • Nurses
  • Paramedics
  • Medical equipment
  • Communication services
  • Patient billing