What you should do if you see a helicopter landing near you

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February 22, 2024

Our air ambulance helicopter service plays a crucial role in providing rapid response to various emergencies across diverse terrains. The skilled crew, comprising doctors, paramedics, and pilots, work tirelessly to ensure timely medical assistance reaches those in need, regardless of the location’s accessibility.

 With the helicopter hovering above, searching for a suitable landing spot, the anticipation and concern for safety are palpable. It is essential for bystanders to cooperate and follow safety protocols to facilitate a smooth landing and quick response to the emergency at hand.

 As the helicopter prepares to land, maintaining a safe distance is paramount to ensure everyone’s safety. Clearing the landing area of any obstacles and securing loose items help mitigate risks associated with the helicopter’s downdraft. Waiting for the blades to stop turning before approaching the aircraft demonstrates respect for the crew’s operational needs and the urgency of the situation.

 Once the patient is on board, facilitating a swift departure is crucial for timely hospital transport. Allowing the crew to board efficiently and maintaining a safe distance until the helicopter has departed ensures a seamless operation and prioritizes the patient’s well-being.

 By adhering to these simple guidelines and understanding the importance of cooperation during helicopter emergencies, bystanders can contribute significantly to the success of the HEMS mission and ultimately help save lives.

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