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October 22, 2023
The reasons why people would need an Air Ambulance
November 21, 2023

Air ambulance services have advanced to the point where they are no longer limited to rescue missions or trauma patients. They can now be used for both emergency and non-emergency patient transport, including mobile patients who require medical specialists during a flight. These helicopters are equipped with medical personnel, such as doctors or paramedics, who can provide pre-hospital care while in the air.

Return transport by helicopter is particularly advantageous for short distances, enabling fast and flexible patient transfers. These helicopters can easily access existing helipads at hospitals, and even if a hospital does not have a helipad, the helicopter can usually land nearby. This eliminates the need for lengthy transfer journeys to or from the airport by ground vehicles, allowing patients in life-threatening situations to reach their destination more quickly while receiving medical care from the flight crew.

In addition to time-critical intensive care patient transports, air ambulances are increasingly being used for medical missions and are accessible to all individuals in need of aeromedical transport. This type of service provides a convenient and efficient option for medical emergencies and ensures that patients are accompanied by medical professionals throughout their journey.

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